The features of nudie jeans

music and life style are the root of the nudie jeans core concept . it was made by the world's highest level of production technology - Italy. There are no second places to produce this brand . most of Denim fabric production from Italy, a small part from Japan .

Nudie Jeans put the production point in drainpipe trousers, but there are a lot of styles was designed and colors are continuously increased in every year. Using tannins cloth is Nudie Jeans features , but recently white or black .also become people’s new favorite .

The nudie jeans using natural dyeing agent and completely fitting curves of the body lines, patterns on the bag completely manual car line sewing after ,.In recent years the nudie jeans began to use organic cotton into cloth, not only pollution-free cotton for human health benefits more, thin and soft to the touch reached "once put on I never want to take off" realm. carved out of the the Sweden's largest denim brand.

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